Jewish Spiritual Practice
the Psychedelic Experience

Join Rabbi Ami Silver on a journey into the history of psychedelic therapy, Jewish spiritual practice, and the common transformative potential of these healing modalities.

🔸Three-Part Mini-Series: “Touching and Not Touching" Teachings and Practices for Approaching Spiritual Experience

Is a direct encounter with God possible? Is experiencing the Divine something that Judaism views as a primary religious goal? The Torah’s core narratives, from the Avot and Imahot to the Exodus and Mount Sinai, all involve powerful and direct encounters with God. These are the seminal experiences of the Jewish faith. And yet, the Divine experience is not at the centerpiece of most of Jewish living, ritual, or learning…
Or is it? In this three-part series, Rabbi Ami Silver will share frameworks from primary Jewish sources on the Divine encounter. Through text study and guided practices, participants will become familiarized with the process of preparation, exploration, and integration of these states of experience within a traditional Jewish framework.

Dates: Mondays February 8-22, 2021

Lecture Length: 1-hour and 15 minutes

Time: 9:00am Pacific/ 12:00pm EST/ 6:00pm CET/ 7:00pm Israel


  • Mini-Series Only: $36
  • Mini-Series + Recording of Jan 28 Opening Lecture: $46

Topics for three-session mini-series:

  • "Kavanah: Set and Setting"
    Monday, February 8, 2021
  • "Prophecy in Our Day and Age"
    Monday, February 15, 2021
  • "Running and Returning
    Monday, February 22, 2021
  • The Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center and its employees do not condone the use of illegal recreational drugs and in no event will be liable for any loss or damage arising from the information about psychedelic drugs, their history or their therapeutic uses and effects in our classes. Any information in our classes is provided solely for educational purposes. Psychedelic drugs and therapies should be engaged only under the guidance of qualified medical professionals.
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Rabbi Ami Silver

Ami Silver is a rabbi and psychotherapist (MSW) based in Jerusalem. His teaching focuses on the interface between Jewish text, practice, and personal transformation. Ami leads groups in text study and contemplative, experiential Jewish practice. As a psychotherapist, Ami’s work integrates psychodynamic perspectives together with experiential, somatic, and mindfulness-based approaches. He works in private practice supporting individuals, couples, and groups in Jerusalem and online.